Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting to know Kohana

I've been using CodeIgniter for several years. It's a great framework, which gets the things done quickly without forcing you to change yor programming style.

These days I decided to give Kohana a try. It's a forked version of CodeIgniter so there should be some similarities.

The project, that I'll try to create is a simple Hacker News clone. I'll be using the latest stable downloadable version of Kohana v3.0.8 "großen jäger".

I've never used Kohana before. This tutorial is my way of learning it. If you notice something wrong or something that can be done better, just write a comment and I'll try to fix it.
Also I'll borrow some parts of the code from another excelent Kohana 3 tutorial (

N.B. English is not my native language. But I'll try to write correctly.


  1. This blog awesome and i learn a lot about programming from here.The best thing about this blog is that you doing from beginning to experts level.

    Love from Pprogramming

  2. Nice info about Php it’s reallyhelpful…. If it possible share some more tutorials……….